Dr David Young, Medical Superintendent in 1900. David was a graduate from Queens University in Torornto.
Miss Euphemia McBride, 1900, the Matron, was believed to have been trained in Scotland as a Royal Medico- Psychological Attendant at the Royal Edinburgh.
Dr Charles Barnes organized the first nurse training program in 1921. First class to graduate was in 1924.
Manitoba Asylum opened in 1886. The building was demolished in 1978.
Miss Alberta Hornibrook, RN was the last Matron at SMHC in 1962. Alberta trained as an RN at the Montreal General Hospital.
Robert Burns, RN, RPN appointed SHMC first Director of Nursing in 1963. Bob trained as a RN at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and psychiatric nursing at Selly Oaks, UK.
Mr William Baty was the last Chief Male Nurse, 1963 before retiring after 41 years of service. He trained at SMHC in the early 1930s’.
Maraget Solar, RPN, Class of 1947. Maragaret became the first full time nursing instructor at the school of nursing in 1951.
Alfred Barnett, RPN, was the founder of the Manitoba Registered Nurses Association of Manitoba in 1960. Served as the first President of the Association.
John Martyniw, England trained RN, RPN, ws active in the formation of the College of Resgistered Psychiatric Nurses and served as the second President from 1966 to 1971.
Dr Annette Thorimbert Osted was the first Executive Director of the RPNA and continued as Director of the CRPNA for 35 years. In June 2012 she was awarded an Honourary Doctor of Law Degree from Brandon University for services to psychiatric nursing. Alumna Class of 1967
Gerald Pronyk, RN, RPN, BScN, MBA, worked to professionalised psychiatric nursing by transforimg the 3 year program into a rigorous 2 year university credit program in conjunction with the University of Winnipeg.
Dr Edward Jhnson was the Medical Superintendent at SMHC from 1943 to 1959. He was a pioneer in the “Open Door Policy” for psychiatric patients.
Dianne L Gaborieau, RN,RPN,BA was a SMHC Alumna 1968. In 1989 she ws appointed Director of Psychiatric Nursing Education; a position she held until the school closed in 1992.
History of the Selkirk Mental Health Centre
Lorna Weiss worked for 30 years as a library technician within the School of Psychiatric Nursing’s library. Lorna was also one of the founding members of the SMHC Archives Committee and served as its first Chairperson.