Grad Pin 1922 - 1937

Grad Pin 1938 - 1979

Grad Pin 1980 - 1992

This pin was based on

the UK Royal Medico-


Association Badge for

British mental nurses.

Graduation Year Pin
RPNAM Psych Nurse pin in the 1960s to denote the Provincial Open Door policy for Manitoba Mental Institutions.
Updated: January 2022
Uniforms from 1920s to the 1990s.
Graduate Nurse Chevron from the 1960s Chevron from the 1970s Sweater Chevron 1964
The Last Faculty Photograph 1992 L-R: Dianne Gaboreau (Director); Pat Helwer; Sandy Huff (Secretary); Audrey Wasnie; Melanie Shumilak; Jeanette Warren; Ruth Enns; Richard Bartlinski (Asst Director); Christine Hoeschen; Dianne Stolar; David Ezzard.
Collar Bar pin worn by female students. in the 1930s to the 1970s.