2020 9th May: Dr Michael C Kovacs, MD - Medical Director 30th June: Mary Roman - Secretarial services 2nd July: Mark Cyr - Housekeeping services 10th July: Lorraine Bialek, nee Cameron - Finance Department 18 August: Margaret Alice Newton, nee Estell - Laboratory Services 3rd November: Gaile Stefanson - Housekeeping Services 22nd December: Heather Ann Spence - Alumna 1988 2021 11th April: Annemarie Peukert, nee Willud - Laundry & Kitchen staff 20th June: Judith Naomi Crawford, nee Swain - Alumna 1967
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In Memoriam To the Family and Friends of the Selkirk Mental Health Centre Staff and Alumni who have passed.