Selkirk Mental Health Centre Archives Inc.
The      Archive   was   formed   in 1999.
Please   Note:   We   do   not   keep   any personnel   records   of   former   staff members    or    data    about    former patients within the Archives.
Selkirk Mental Health Centre SMHC Archives Inc. Keeping Our History Alive!
  The SMHC Archive Collections Inc.  * maintains the storage and management of the material   and artefacts held in the Archives;    *   carries   out   research   in   response   to   straightforward   enquiries      and   advises   researchers   on   more   complex subjects; *   actively   encourages   additional   donations   and   deposits   of   archival   material   relating   to   Selkirk   Mental   Health Centre.      Also   material   about   individuals   with   a   connection   to   the   hospital   from   within   the   hospital   and   from members of the public; *  has developed an Outreach programme with the aim of encouraging the use of the Archives.
Updated: July 2017
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The SMHC Archives Committee
L to R: Lorna (Secretary), Doreen, Larry (Web Consultant), Eve, Marlene, Lorne (Chair), Rose, Isabel (Treasurer).
We’re Keeping our History Alive! Some   people   may   not   know   it,   but   more   than   a   hundred years   of   history   is   being   preserved   at   the   Selkirk   Mental Health Centre. Tucked    away    in    the    Administration    Building    are    three rooms   full   of   scrapbooks,   pictures,   and   memorabilia   that are maintained by the Committee of Archive Volunteers.