Selkirk Mental Health Centre
Updated: May 2019
Please note that neither patients’ records nor staff files are stored within the Archives.
Maintains the storage and management of the material and artefacts held in the Archives; Carries out research in response to straightforward enquiries and advises researchers on more complex subjects; Actively encourages additional donations and deposits of archival material relating to SMHC. Also material about individuals with a connection to the Centre, from within the Centre and from members of the public; Developed an outreach program with the aim of encouraging the use of the Archives.
Lorne Morrissette - Chair Joyce Surowich - Secretary Isabel Geard - Treasurer
Keeping Our History Alive!
Lorna Weiss Eve Francis Marlene Schneider Rose Wills
Vera Kowalchuk Roxie Cook Larry Mackie - Web Admin
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